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Also known as: Greensman

What does a Greensperson do?

The Greensperson is responsible for all the plants and live foliage on a film set. The Greensperson has to rent, arrange, and take care of all the plants for a film shoot. They sometimes have to create large jungles in a sound studio or decorate a room with the right plants for the scene. If the scene is outside, or a location doesn’t require the renting or creating of a green landscape, the Greensperson may be brought in to shape the existing plants to what is desired.

They are a part of the art department and have to do a lot of research in the pre-production stage. They have to mark all the areas in the script that require vegetation or plants, then they have to research the correct plants to acquire and where to acquire them. Once they get their budget they have to rent the plants to make the scene just right.

What's a Greensperson good at?
  • Knowledge of plants and vegetation

    Have an understanding or background in different types of plants and foliage

  • Green Thumb

    Know how to properly take care of a multitude of plants and vegetation

  • Physically fit

    Be able and willing to work long hours, inside and outside, moving heavy objects

  • Organization

    Be organized with the planning of what plants need to arrive on what day and time

Who does a Greensperson work with?

The Greensperson will typically work with the Production Designer and Set Decorator. The Greensperson will get the sketches from these team members of the look of the film. They work together to create the vision of the Director to life, the Greensperson focuses on the plant element in the sketches. They would also work with the production team, such as grips, on the day of shooting. The Grips or art department PAs would help the Greensperson get the plants into place.

How do I become a Greensperson?

There is no degree or education required but studying horticulture, botany, or design in landscaping would be good knowledge prior. Greensperson may begin working at a greenhouse and book themselves out to various film shoots to get established. Others may begin in the art department as a PA and then grow in set decorating and focus on the greenery aspects.

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