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Also known as: Set Medic

What does a Medic do?

A Set Medic is responsible for any medical assistance needed on the production. They are placed on standby and must be ready in case there is any need for medical assistance from one of the cast or crew. Medics are typically on every set since the threat of an injury or medical issue is always present, and more medics may be present for dangerous scenes. They may also be required to advise the production of safety measures and medical knowledge to ensure everyone’s safety.

Sometimes Medics can become medical consultants. Being a medical consultant means you would advise the production crew on the medical accuracy of a scene. You would stand by to make sure all the medical aspects in a scene or story are correct.

What's a Medic good at?
  • Medical knowledge

    Have a very good understanding of medical knowledge and procedures

  • Medical certifications

    Have all the correct and current medical certifications to be a practicing medic

  • Physically fit

    Be able to move quickly and lift heavy objects if need be

  • Calm under pressure

    Be able to assist medical needs in, sometimes, dire circumstances

Who does a Medic work with?

A Medic will be hired by a producer of a film production that requires medical assistance on stand-by. They will receive the call sheets from the 1st Assistant Director. Medics work with anyone on set who requires medical attention or advice about medical safety.

How do I become a Medic?

A Medic on set has to be a registered paramedic. If you want to become a Set Medic, you must attend an institution to gain the education required to become a paramedic and then gain the experience necessary. Once that is completed, you will be able to offer your services for freelance on sets or work with an organization that will hire you out to various productions.

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