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Stunt Coordinator

What is a Stunt Coordinator?
What does a Stunt Coordinator do?

A Stunt Coordinator is in charge of coordinating and arranging the stunts for a film or TV show and hiring the Stunt Performers to do them. In many cases, the Stunt Coordinator budgets, designs, and choreographs the stunt sequences to suit the script and the Director’s vision. They are usually an experienced Stunt Performer.

Many stunts performed by Stunt Performers are very dangerous and the Stunt Coordinator is in charge of making sure safety measures are in place. They will collaborate with the cast and crew to create the best possible way to execute the stunts that are required in the film.

What's a Stunt Coordinator good at?
  • Physical Fitness

    Physically fit, is aware of the intricate movements of the human body, some skills in martial arts or gymnastics

  • Choreography

    Able to plan out large fight and stunt sequences

  • Organizing

    Need to have the skill to organize the stunt crew, paperwork, and plans for each scene

  • Flexibility

    Thrive in changing situations, and enjoy spontaneity

  • Physical Attributes

    Good Eyesight, quick reflexes, flexibility (Body), and a good sense of timing

Who does a Stunt Coordinator work with?

Stunt Coordinators work with the Director and the Producer to get the feel of the film and to identify the planned stunts. They work with the Stunt Performers to rehearse the choreography of the stunts beforehand while having safety measures in place. Stunt Coordinators will also work closely with the onset crew such as Grips, to make sure everything is in place for the stunts.

How do I become a Stunt Coordinator?

Many Stunt Coordinators start out as Stunt Performers before they can take on the role of Stunt Coordinator. Stunt Coordinators should be physically active and be trained in some form of martial arts, gymnastics, or combat discipline. Stunt Coordinators may also find it useful to choreograph a dance or large-scale theatre productions, to gain knowledge of planning and working with people.

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