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Stunt Performer

What does a Stunt Performer do?

A Stunt Performer is a trained professional who performs stunts. “Stunts” encompass a wide variety of actions that might need to be performed on set. When there is a high-speed car chase or fight sequence on screen, those actions are performed by stunt people. Sometimes, even much smaller and less dangerous actions (such as bumping into something and falling down) might be performed by a stunt person. Some stunt people act as “doubles” for specific actors, doing all the action sequences instead of them. Many stunt sequences are very tightly scripted and planned, so Stunt Performers need to be physically fit, and often need to be trained in some form of martial arts, gymnastics, or combat discipline.

Please remember, in spite of their well-choreographed appearance, stunts can still be dangerous and physically demanding!

What's a Stunt Performer good at?
  • Physical Fitness

    Physically fit and is knowledgeable in physical fitness, is aware of the intricate movements of the human body, some skills in martial arts or gymnastics

  • Flexibility

    Thrive in changing situations, enjoy spontaneity

  • Physical Attributes

    Good Eyesight, quick reflexes, and flexibility (Body), good sense of timing

  • Strong Mental State

    Able to cope with the physical demands of the job and the risk of danger

Who does a Stunt Performer work with?

Stunt Performers will work closely with the Stunt Coordinator and the Fight Choreographer if the stunts include fight sequences. They work with the Stunt Coordinators to rehearse and learn the choreography of the stunts beforehand and learn the safety measures in place. Stunt Performers will also work closely with the onset crew such as grips, to make sure everything is in place for the stunts on the day of. They would also work with the actor, if they are a double for a main actor, to gain their movements and mannerisms to make the scene believable.

How do I become a Stunt Performer?

Stunt Performers should be physically active and be trained in some form of martial arts, gymnastics, or combat discipline. You have good reflexes, flexibility, and overall athletic ability. Stunt Performers perform dangerous acts so you must have a good understanding of basic health and safety training as well as not have a fear for dangerous acts.

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