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VFX Producer

Also known as: Executive VFX Producer, Show Producer, Bidding Producer

What does a VFX Producer do?

VFX Producers manage the whole process of creating the VFX for film or TV. They make sure that the client, usually the film or TV series’ Producer or Director, is happy with what the VFX studio makes.

VFX Producers create the “deck” document through which they persuade the film or TV series’ Producer to take their VFX studio on to do VFX work on a project. VFX Producers put together the team of VFX Artists and other technical staff. They set the schedules for the work and they manage the budget.

While filming is happening, VFX Producers work closely with the live-action production crew. They also work with the Editor in post-production. They communicate between the crew and Editor. How much they interact with the client varies between studios. They might report to them on a weekly or even daily basis.

What's a VFX Producer good at?
  • Organization

    Effectively plan and manage the project using VFX production pipeline organization software, be able to budget accurately

  • Leadership

    Be confident in giving direction and leading a team, communicate well with everyone, create a positive atmosphere within the team

  • Knowledge of VFX

    Understand all aspects of VFX pipelines, know the processes, the creative challenges and the software used by the artists

  • Problem-solving

    Anticipate any issues that might occur during the project, adapt to changing timescales and technical issues

  • Working with clients

    Communicate well with the film and TV producers, keep them informed it things don’t go to plan, be diplomatic, keep good relationships

Who does a VFX Producer work with?

VFX Producers communicate with the Producer or Director of the production company making the film. Within their own studio, they work closely with the VFX Supervisor, who oversees the creative work. The VFX Producer then works with the Production Manager and Production Coordinators to make sure the work is done on time.

How do I become a VFX Producer?

VFX Producer is a senior position so you’ll need a lot of experience in VFX first. Some get to the role of VFX Producer by working first as a Production Assistant in VFX and then as a Production Coordinator and then a Production Manager. Others come in through a VFX art route; you can start off as a Junior VFX Artist and then gain experience to become a Compositor or Technical Director (TD) and then move into production management.

You need to have excellent leadership and organization skills. A degree in VFX or a related course is a good idea for this role. VFX Producers have excellent project management skills.

Here are some tips:

Get a degree: You could either take a degree that equips you with the technical skills of a VFX artist or a degree in film production.

Create some VFX sequences: A good way of understanding the processes in VFX, is to learn the software, and start making some.

Look outside the industry: See if you can get a job as a Production Assistant with a 3D animation studio or company. This will help you build contacts, skills and knowledge related to VFX. While you are trying to break into VFX production, get management or project management experience. Any job that involves planning, organizing and budgeting will give you good experience.

Take a short course: Hone your skills in production management by taking a specialist course.

Search for jobs: Research VFX companies you’d like to work for. Go to their websites and check if they are advertising for junior roles. Even if they aren’t, send in your CV and showreel and ask them to bear you in mind for future roles or work experience. Keep looking on job websites too.

More tips

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