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Indigenous-made content is seamlessly integrated into all of our programmes, but there is also great value in highlighting these films through focused initiatives.

The programme features a selection of Indigenous-made films by filmmakers from diverse nations across Canada. When Indigenous stories are told by Indigenous filmmakers, the result is authentic, self-determined cultural expression. These films reflect Indigenous experiences and provide an opportunity for dialogue, cross-cultural exchange and greater understanding.

While the majority of films offered as part of this programme are intended for students in grades 9 to 12, a limited selection is also available for younger viewers. If you teach elementary or middle school, write to to discuss the options.

This programme also includes nearly 100 film-specific lesson plans in over a dozen subject areas for Indigenous-made content. We also have additional resources for teachers tackling difficult subjects such as Residential Schools or anti-Indigenous racism in the classroom.

If you are a teacher and would like to integrate Indigenous-made films into your classroom, please browse the catalogue and check out our lesson plans below. While you’re browsing, you can click on the “Screen This Film In Your Class” button on each film page to access our Lending Library form and borrow a film.