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Reel Opportunities


Hands-on experience in the film industry.

Reel Opportunities is a nationwide programme for youth (aged 15 to 30), designed to expose them to the wide range of career opportunities offered by the booming Canadian film and television industry. 

Schools and community groups that serve young people can bring this exciting programme to their classrooms and gatherings  by hosting a workshop that gives them the opportunity to  engage with industry professionals — all completely free of charge! 


Workshops Include: 

  • One-hour interactive workshop with Q&A
  • Option to focus on a particular job role/department (see inset for some choices)
  • Youth-centered web resources and follow-up activities, including lesson plans 
  • Flexible timing throughout the year

All workshops will be led by REEL CANADA facilitators who provide an overview of career paths in Canadian film, and will feature a working film industry professional speaking about their own experiences in a specific area of interest.

Workshops are suitable for:

Teachers! These workshops are designed for the classroom. We offer lesson plans and other resources to support the workshop experience.

Community organizations that serve youth 15 to 30 years of age, such as libraries, YMCA/YWCA, libraries, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and many others.

The Reel Opportunities programme is in the process of expanding to include an in-person film and television training, available in select cities. Watch for exciting announcements coming soon.